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About Us

The first "Jumbo Lottery" was released in 1989, and the social interest in the lottery has been increasing. Therefore, in order to deepen our understanding and familiarity with the lottery, we opened the "Palau" in December 1991.

This kind of permanent lottery PR center was the first in the world. In September 1991, we opened the Palau Pools.

At present, lottery lots are diversifying in variety and prizes, and they are firmly established as a healthy enjoyment for the people.

Therefore, at the “Palau Pools” as a “lottery information dispatch base”, in addition to explanations of the history and mechanism of Palau lottery, “information search space” where you can check the winning results of the past year, 100 million cash There are “Lottery Dream” corner where you can experience the weight of a circle, and a corner where you can easily understand the lottery ticket “helping to create familiar evironments” with pictures and photos.